Safety Solutions Academy Course Offerings

Fundamental: relating to essential function…

Fundamentals are often associated with basics.  This can be a true statement as fundamentals are building blocks.  Yet to assume that all fundamentals are basic would be wrong.  Fundamentals are building blocks, they are essential and they are perishable.  No matter your level of training, your operational experience, or your profession, you MUST understand that fundamentals are the foundation of your training and MUST be consistently maintained.  To assume that fundamentals aren’t for you because of your “experience,” your job, your knowledge level or your training would be plain silly.  Of course, if you have your head screwed on tight when it comes to combatives, this is already evident.

The fact that our courses are all fundamentally based shouldn’t mislead you into thinking that they are courses for beginners.  At Safety Solutions Academy, we routinely instruct students across the entire spectrum of ability and range of experience.  Whether you have just developed an interest in self-defense or have experienced combat on multiple deployments, our courses are an excellent fit for you.  Here is why:  The teaching staff at SSA understands, combat, mindset, physiology, training, tactics, and fighting tools, but most importantly, our instructors understand students.  Our instructors are teaching professionals. Trained to think on their feet, adapt and coach you to your best.  Regardless of your starting point, you will increase your skill level, your confidence, your efficiency and your ability to dominate when you are called to do so.

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