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Training with your concealed carry or duty handgun is a serious endeavor.  You, like most people are training so that you can respond appropriately when you find yourself in a life threatening, worst case scenario.  It only makes sense that your training must efficiently prepare you to fight with your handgun.  You can view our course schedule and register for a Combat Focus Shooting Course here.

Combat Focus Shooting (CFS) is an intuitive shooting program.  The skills and techniques taught work well with what your body does naturally in a life and death situation.  In CFS we don’t teach skills to help you win a competition or look good on the square range.  Instead we train you the way you will fight.

Combat Focus Shooting will help you to respond more efficiently to the worst case scenario.  In the context of a fight for your life you do not have resources to waste.  You need to accomplish your goal of stopping the threat with as little time, effort and energy as possible.  CFS is geared to help you learn what responses are efficient and then through consistent application, begin to automate those responses so that you will be able to count on your training when you need to.

If you are serious about preparing for the worst case scenario of a Dynamic Critical Incident where you are forced to deal with a life threatening situation that is surprising and chaotic, then Combat Focus Shooting is the program for you.

Whether you are a firearms training veteran, an armed professional or a concealed carry permit holder who is attending their first training course, Combat Focus Shooting will provide you with the opportunities and experiences to move your defensive shooting skills to the next level.

Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting (3 hours) – Register

Intro to CFS provides you an opportunity to experience the principles of Combat Focus Shooting and establish a base line for their defensive shooting skills.  It is a great course for an individual who has purchased their first defensive handgun, is interested in learning more about the CFS program, or is considering hosting a Combat Focus Shooting course.  Learn more.

Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting (1 day)  – Register

Fundamentals of CFS exposes you to all of the principles of the Combat Focus Shooting Program and provides a solid foundation in Counter Ambush Training.  You will understand Combat Accuracy, the Balance of Speed & Precision, the bodies natural reactions to a Dynamic Critical Incident and Combat Efficiency.  These important concepts will help you to develop efficient automated responses for the worst case scenario.  Learn more.

Combat Focus Shooting (2 days) – Register

CFS is an intuitive shooting program that is designed to help you respond more efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident.  When you are surprised with a chaotic and life threatening situation you need a set of efficient, automated responses that work well with the way your body responds naturally.  Combat Focus Shooting training will help you to understand Combat Accuracy, the Balance of Speed & Precision, the bodies natural reactions to a Dynamic Critical Incident, Combat Efficiency, realistic multiple target engagement, critical incident reload, one-handed and weak-handed shooting, Non-Diagnostic linear malfunction clearing, Shooting In Motion and more as time allows and your needs dictate.  Learn more.



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