0314 – Trijicon RMR Ready for Defensive Pistols or Not? an Interview with Trijicon’s Nick at NASGW


For everything there is a tipping point. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the concept in his book The Tipping Point. I have to wonder if we aren’t nearing a tipping point when it comes to optics on defensive handguns. From a historic perspective, when we look at rifles used in combative situations there was a point of no return where red dots caught fire. When was the last time you saw an AR-15 without a dot? In that application, the red dot sight is more efficient than irons and the issues that made dots problematic in the beginning have largely been mitigated by technology.

So the question is: Where is that tipping point for dots on handguns? Has the battery life, the size of the optic, its reliability and durability reached a point where the balance tips to the advantage of speed and precision at distance? Are there other factors that we don’t even understand yet that may make red dots problematic?

These are the questions that I am interested in answering and of course, the way to do it is to jump in and study then procure and test an optic. The Trijicon RMR is one of the premire optics to mount on a handgun and Trijicon is who I am asking questions of. Click on play and listen in!



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From Trijicon’s Website:

Developed to improve precision and accuracy with any style or caliber of weapon, the

Trijicon RMR is designed to be as durable as the legendary ACOG. New easy-to-use

adjusters with audible clicks allow for quick windage and elevation adjustments.


Here is one answer to the durability question:

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