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The Origins of Safety Solutions Academy

In 2010, I began the process of creating Safety Solutions Academy to fill a need for quality, professional, Defensive Firearms Instruction. As the defensive firearms industry has continued to explode it has become even more evident that Safety Solutions Academy was an important tool needed to fill the instructional void that exists when it comes to the defensive use of firearms and information surrounding concealed concealed carry.

Safety Solutions Academy works to helps its clients understand the realities of the defensive use of guns. We take a hard look at:

  • What you can do to avoid ever having to use a gun to defend yourself.
  • What guns are best for defensive use and what makes them better than all the rest.
  • How you can best prepare for a spontaneous scenario where you are forced to use your firearm for protection.
  • What other skills are important when it comes to your personal security.
  • Many other topics.

Safety Solutions Academy Courses

Advanced ccwThe majority of our clients benefit the most from attending Safety Solutions Academy Courses in person after they have used our virtual content to improve their skills on their own.

Follow this link to  find a list of our courses along with important course information.

Although Safety Solutions Academy is based in North Eastern Ohio, (not far from Cleveland,) we regularly have students travel from around the country to train with us and request our services at their location.  Safety solutions Academy Courses are taught in more than a dozen States annually and we would love to have you as our guest in Cleveland or come and train you at your facility.

Travel To Train With Safety Solutions Academy

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Here is where you should click to find out about SSA Courses that are coming to your area.

Host a Safety Solutions Academy Course

If there aren’t any SSA Defensive Firearms Training Courses in your area follow this link to host a course.


SSA CHIPSafety Solutions Academy Content

This hard look takes places on our blog and podcast, the YouTube channel, our social media outlets and in our in person courses.  Our widespread approach means that our content is available to most everyone regardless of physical location, financial means, or free time.  If you are interested in learning more about your personal security, Safety Solutions Academy has content available to you.  Check out the far right of this page for our most popular and our most recent posts.

SSA Podcast

The Safety Solutions Academy Podcast is a great way to digest quality information related to the use of defensive firearms and your personal safety.  With more than 300 episodes you are sure to find content that is helpful to you and your family.

Please listen, subscribe and let me know what you would like to hear covered on the SSA Podcast.

You can find the podcast right here on the SSA page, and also on

SSA YouTube Channel

With over 100 videos, the SSA YouTube channel is another source of SSA’s free content.  This video shuld give you a good idea of what to expect from YouTube.


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  1. Eric

    Saw an article showing that you are having problems as a result of operation choke point.
    The corruption in the government is out of control, I live in an area where the economy was deliberately collapsed negatively impacting the state following a catastrophic hurricane that struck the island on 9/11/1992.
    As a result of this collapse Steve Case of AOL was able to acquire a large landholding named Grove Farm around the same time that AOL was merging with Time Warner.
    People involved in the economic collapse along with some of their associates became very influential in the Clinton White House around the time the law changes allegedly responsible for the accounting scandal were coming about.
    As well as the law changes and repeals that would bring about the subprime mortgage meltdown.
    If you go to it will bring you to supporting documentation as well as articles and excerpts of arrest records and court documents as to whom some of the principals involved were.
    If people aren’t alarmed as to what is going on they’re going to deserve the reeducation they in all probability about to get, that they in all probability will not survive.
    Perhaps I’m an alarmist however when corruption has gotten to bad anywhere, something has always given.
    When that happens all hell generally occurs.

  2. Thomas Joseph

    For so I want to say this was a very thorough class. Paul took as much time as needed. In fact ,this 12 hour class took us 13+hours because Paul took as much time as we needed to answer as many as we had. I am going to take his second class as well. Only suggestion I would make besides taking this class with Paul, is to wait before you purchase a firearm. Thanks again Paul. Be safe, Tom Joseph

  3. Jonathan

    I am commenting on the video “Why Carry Concealed”

    I have been carrying concealed for over a year, I feel comfortable carrying. I peractice everyday drawing from my IWB appendix with my Sig Sauer P239 in 9mm, as well as a TDI Ka-Bar knife in a cross draw.

    The reasons why I carry is obvious, for protection of my life and members of my family. I intend to use the tactic of evade and escape as my first chose, however if I can’t I’ll do what I feel is the most appropriate to save my life. I also carry when I walk my dogs for protection against coyotes (an aggressively growing population in my area).

  4. Paul Hogan

    Hey, I just listened to “Selecting the Best Defensive Firearms Instructor” Podcast, where both you and Rob Pincus touched upon a lot of important points. It is so important to do your homework as a student to find out what type of training you are looking for, find the correct/knowledgeable instructor, and in my opinion as a student to find an instructor you can connect with. It does no one any good if the best instructor can’t deliver the message and/or the student can’t receive the information. I come with a background in the fire service, and also law enforcement, so I’ve seen my share of good, bad, and outstanding instructors. when I come to a class, I set the bar for them pretty damn high and the instructor has no idea. It might have been mentioned (I was doing Dad duties while listening to Podcast) but I again go to that connection. I certainly don’t expect to have that best buddy type friendship, but having sent questions via email or discussions via social media and the potential instructor/knowledgeable person respond goes a long way (both of you have done this and I believe it lends to your professionalism & being “teachers” more than just “instructors”. And being a teacher of any subject you must be learning and developing as you hone your craft.
    As a student, we too must be willing to grow, take different points of view into consideration, and be open to new ideas. I have been a responsibly armed citizen that carries everyday for the past 7 years. I know that I have to push myself to be open to other instructor methodologies. Personally, I hate change, but I know that I must grow to learn. I have to go to a class with an open mind. I have had the mental conversation back & forth of “That’s not how DeVito taught me, so I’m not doing it!” versus “”Just try it and see”. (disclaimer: I’ve taken intro to CFS w/ DRFT 2 times and the 1 day CFS w/ Matt DeVito and I have really done well with CFS, it has made me a better shooter). So in the end I’ve made the decision to be open to instructors that have a delivery style that I trust and key in on. Everyone is different, and this is how it works for me. Now while I have not trained w/ either Rob or you yet, there is a huge trust factor from your relationship w/ DRFT, your content on the internet, and feedback from other students.
    If there is one thing I could add before closing, I’d really like to see some development in training towards left handed shooters. I realize that we are small in numbers, and we tend to be the black sheep, but I cannot count the number of times I’ve missed a concept or had to have an instructor back up because I was too busy trying to process the information in reverse. I know numbers wise it’s not a priority, but it is important to me and I’d like to see quality instructors out there.
    Thanks for your time, keep up the good work, and I hope to see you on the range someday!

    Thanks & be safe!
    Paul Hogan

    • PaulCarlson

      It is certainly a numbers game. 100% of left handed shooters need to have quality information about how their lefthandedicity impacts their use of the specific firearm that they are using. I’m glad you had instructors back up to make sure you got the info you needed.

      Thanks for the comment Paul!

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